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Summer Art n Dance Camp was a success! Thanks to Step N Sound for collaborating with BIB once again this year.  The kiddos had the best time creating this mural for you all to enjoy!

What's New 

If you haven't noticed already, in January 2022,  I introduced the Wedding Room to the Workshop space. I continue to gather more merchandise to better suit my customer needs and am happy to say, it has been a huge success. I look forward to what is in store for It's Beautiful in 2023!

At the workshop, we like to keep our displays fresh. Each season we update our look while keeping stock plentiful. 

Right now, we are getting ready to introduce our new line of Wise Owl paint products and showcasing some of our BOHO and Rustic wedding rental ideas !


Wise Owl is here!

That's right! I have officially become a Wise Owl distributor and representative. The Workshop will be carrying the full line of Wise Owl products!

I'm looking forward to reintroducing this fabulous paint line to the community. 

I will announce when my first order arrives and ready to shop.

At the moment, I do have some enamel colours, chalk synthesis and salves.


 If you haven't tried them yet, drop on by to sample and smell the awesome scents that this product has to offer.  

It's an amazing product!

I'd like to thank Amanda Come from Vintage Lovely for help and support with getting started.

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