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We carry a variety of items to suit any style or project.

Brand new or recycled items can be found in store.

Are you on the search for a specific item?

A taste of what's in store.......

Cast Iron 

Pulls, Handles & Hinges

More in store.....just a taste

Cast Iron

Hooks, Brackets & Latches

The possibilities are endless....

 Ceramic & Wood Knobs

Each ceramic knob has been hand painted. Every piece is unique.

$6ea or 2/$10

All wooden knobs can be painted using  Country Chic, BlueStone House, Wise Owl or Acrylic paint. They can also be stained or decoupaged. So many possibilities.


Black pipe brackets and hangers are ideal to add a industrial look to your decor. They also add a rustic feel to natural wooden shelves.

Sturdy and functional. 

Standard handles are included with your charcuterie board, tray and noodle board kits.

Choose black spade or black club handles or brown/black cup handles. 

These handles can also be purchased on their own.

They make great budget friendly alternatives rather than cast iron.


Beauty on a budget

Add railway spikes for a rustic look

Hang your Plants in style

We carry a variety of hooks, both new and recycled in a black, silver, white and other assorted colours to make your piece budget friendly and beautiful.

Not all hooks are shown due to the vast amount.

Plated or non slip hooks can range from 2/$5 to $5 each. 

Styles to fit every budget

Hooks are available in double hooks to single hooks.

Utility, split, single, C hooks, ceiling hooks, peg hooks are just some of the variety that we carry.

Hair Pin Legs

  • available in black

  • metal can be painted

  • available in 4" - 40" (sizes must be ordered ahead of desired date)

  • 28" on hand

  • sold in 4pc sets

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