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It's Beautiful Event Planning, Decor & Rentals

Cancellation Policy

.Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the event/pick up date. If a cancellation occurs after 30 days before the event, your rental deposit, as shown on your invoice,  will be 100% non-refunded.

In all cases of, It's Beautiful Event Planning and Decor Service cancellations, all initial deposits are 100% non refundable regardless of timeframe. 

The potential of missed opportunities to rent or to provide services  to others may have been null and void due to the Use of Equipment Agreement already in place. 

This policy helps to ensure proper equipment and quantity of goods or services needed for your event are held for your specific event.    


Deposits are required in order for goods to be held. 

Invoices must be paid in full in order to release any Equipment to the User.

The Equipment Use agreement must be signed no later than pick up date.

It's Beautiful Event Planning, Decor & Rentals accepts:

 (with an additional 3% will be added to your invoice if debit or credit is used)

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