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Independent Designer

I jumped on the chance to become one of the first Chalk Couture Independent Designers when Chalk Couture launched in Canada in May 2019! I have been hooked ever since. 

Chalk Couture silk screen transfers, pastes and inks are used regularly in the workshop..

You can drop by the workshop to see what transfers are available to purchase. 

Muddaritaville Stencils

We carry Muddaritaville!

Mylar durable stencils that can be customized.

Come visit the workshop to see what ones we carry. 

If we don't have what you are looking for. 

We can always order for you.

Re-design with Prima

Exceptionally detailed, beautifully composed and easy rub on application will surely have you hooked. 

For projects, big or small, you can cut Prima transfers to fit whatever project you are working on. 

Price range $15 - $24 in stock

Posh Chalk Decoupage Papers & Stencils

Posh Chalk Decoupage papers are created with special fibres, making them more pliable, stretchable and easy to use.

Posh Chalk Stencils are made of industrial strength Mylar and are available in numerous different designs. 

Come check out our selection at the workshop.

Decoupage Papers $15 instock

Add texture to your projects by adding Posh Chalk:

 Aqua Patina 30ml $20

Smooth Metallic Paste 110ml $25

Pigment Infuser or Pigment 30ml $25



More creative ways 

Vinyl, Custom Stencils & Silk Screens

If you prefer to use vinyl, this is also an option at the workshop. 

Custom made vinyl, vinyl stencils and silk screens can be made to order.  

We will make your preferred design to your liking. For larger vinyl designs, please contact Robin at Edmunds Signs & Designs directly. 

Psst - We are both work at the same shop.

We also have heat press for you to use on cloth materials for your vinyl designs.

Please inquire - 

colours special requests, heat transfer vinyl order, machine availability.

Creative Options 

Wood, MDF, Plastic, Screens, Glass, Mirror, Cloth

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